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Welcome to Russell’s online ordering system for curbside pickup or delivery. 


 Items offered will change often, as products sell out quickly and new ones become available.


It is now taking 1 to 5 days to process your order.  Please refrain from checking on your order status, adding to your order or changing your order as it slows down the process for other customers.  Some substitutions may be made.  You will be called once, to charge your order over the phone and you can ask questions about what we chose, and you can delete items at that time.  Unfortunately, we can no longer add items.  Simply place another order with the items you’d like to add.


 Thank you for your support in this very challenging situation. Please type the quantity, size & exact item you want. 

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 Once your Order has been completed and charged, you must pick it up within 24 hours.
Water Gardening Plants are now available in store. Fresh Flowers are not available until further notice. 

Beautiful mixed hanging plant (Approx $35-$65), Specify Sun or Shade

Garden Roses: David Austin, Knockout & Oso Easy & Easy Elegance Shrub Roses, Flower Carpet Groundcover Roses

Musically tuned wind chimes. $35, $75 or $150 or up to $600

Summer Wreath for your door (approx. $40 to $59). Pastel or Bright colors

Hummingbird Feeder ($15, $26, or $45), Hummingbird Nectar?

Mixed Bird Seed: 20 Lb or 40 Lb bag. Sunflower Kernels: 25 Lb Bag. Black Oil Sunflower: 20 Lb Bag. Finch mix: 20 Lb Bag. Squirrel Buster bird feeder: Medium $59.99 Large $99.99

Pots of herbs: Sage, Thyme, Basil, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Mint, Rosemary, Tarragon

Vegetable 4 packs or pots: Beans, Cucumbers, Butternut or Acorn Squash, Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Watermelon. (We may have to sub pots or packs to fill your order)

Annual 6 Packs: Alyssum, Ageratum, Dusty Miller, Cleome, Lisianthus

Annual 4" Pots: Ipomea, Dusty Miller, Euphorbia, Bacopa, Dracaena, Vinca Vine, Angelonia, Coleus, Torenia, Tuberous Begonia, Flowering Vinca

Annual 6" Pots: Elephant Ear, Zinnia, Canna Lily, Caladium, Flowering Vinca, Ipomea, Euphorbia, Scaevola, Osteospermum 

12" Pots Waxed Begonias ($24.99), 8" Waxed Begonia ($12.99)

Evergreen Ground Cover in Pachysandra, or Ivy. 1 Tray (24 Plants) for $44.99

Perennials: Hardy Hibiscus, Hosta, Echinacea, Butterfly Weed, Ornamental Grasses, Salvia, Heuchera, Sedum, Daylilies, Delphiniums, Daisies, Astilbe, Black-Eyed Susan, Agastache

Trees and Shrubs? Butterfly Bush, Hydrangea, Boxwood, Mountain Laurel, Euonymus, Rhododendron, Blueberry Bush, Rose of Sharon, Andromeda.

Hanging Glass Daisy Birdbath or Feeder. Petite (6") or Large (12"). Colors: Aqua, Green, Orange, or Pink. Ceramic Birdbath ($89.99)

Clay, Ceramic, Fiberstone or Plastic Pots

Black Metal Trellis, Trellis Netting, Wooden Trellis

Vines: Clematis (white, pink, purple, red). Honeysuckle (Red, Orange, Yellow)

Lawn Fertilizer, Lime or Grub Control

Espoma Hollytone, Gardentone, or Rosetone Fertilizer 4 Lb, 8 Lb, 18 Lb, or 36 Lb

Animal Repellents, Mosquito Repellent, Tick Repellent

Tools - Clippers, Pruners, Trowels, Long Handled Shovel, Scuffle Hoe (weeder), DeWit Tools, Wolf-Garten Tools

Watering Supplies: Hoses (Specify Length), Spray Wand, Sprinkler

Plant Support

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