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Our vendors come from all over New England for the Summer and Winter Markets to bring you fresh and local fruit, vegetables, baked goods, meat, fish and so much more. 

great harvest.jpeg
Everyone you'll see at the 2023 Summer Market

Each week we'll have a slightly different line up vendors. To find out what the market has in store and who is coming each week, sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

(++SNAP participant) (**HIP participant)

Aaronap Cellars

Bali Marle

++ Brigham Farm

++ C & C Lobsters and Fish

++ Craic Sauce

++Del Sur Empanades

++ Doris' Peruvian Pastries

Dragonfly longarm Quilting

++Flores de Café

++Fräulein's Bakery

++ Grateful Tastes

++ Great Harvest Bread

House Bear Brewing

++ Kane's Kitchen Salsa

** Lanni Orchards (process directly at the Lanni tent)

++ Lilac Hedge Farm

++ Lost Art Cultured Foods

++ Luz Apiaries

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