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March 13th - The Last Market!

We are closing out another wonderful season this Saturday March 13th. Thank you for all your enthusiastic support as we've navigated through all of this year's changes. You'll see 40 vendors listed below with almost all of them offering a preorder option. Preordering is highly encouraged. All preorders will be picked up directly from the vendor at their table. Please see below for details about how and when to order. The market is at Russell's Garden Center on Saturday from 11 - 2 and is most easily accessed by parking in the back lot by the Plant Shop and Potting Shed.


Although most of our vendors are outside or in unheated greenhouses, there will be 8 vendors inside the store. Enter through the Plant Shop and head right into the houseplant green house to find these vendors.


Just like our summer market, masks must be worn at all times and there will be no eating or drinking at the market. We will monitor the amount of shoppers so that we will stay within the requirements of indoor capacity. We will also have staff throughout the market space to help with traffic flow and answer any questions you may have. To review all of our market rules click here

Preorder and Vendor Info

Many of our vendors accept SNAP and HIP. If you are a SNAP household you are already enrolled in HIP. You will receive $1 for each dollar you spend on eligible fruits and vegetables up to a monthly limit with vendors processing HIP. To use your SNAP benefits you can purchase tokens at the SNAP information desk (indicated on the map) when you arrive at the market. You can use these tokens at any vendor who accepts SNAP. You do not need tokens for HIP vendors as they are able to process those transactions on their own. 

(SNAP participants*, HIP participants**)

Aaronap Cellars

  • Preorder here by 8PM Fri.

Apex Orchards**

  • Email eslezak83@gmail.com by noon Thurs.

  • Pay at pick up

  • Half peck bags @ $18: evercrisp

  • Half peck bags @ $23: empire, gala, fuji, red delicious, granny smith, pink lady

Beckah's Bangin' Butter*

  • Preorder here by noon Fri. 

Bell & Goose

  • Preorder here by 10AM Fri.

Boston Smoked Fish* 

  • Preorder here by 10PM Fri.

Bread Obsession*

  • Preorder here by 6PM Thurs.

C&C Lobsters and Fish*

Del Sur Empanadas

  • Preorder here by 12PM Fri.

Doris' Peruvian Pastries*

  • Preorder here by 2PM Thurs.

Foss Farm's 

  • Preorder here by noon Thurs. 

Fräulein's Bakery*

  • Preorder here by noon Thurs.

Grateful Tastes*

  • Preorder here by 1PM Fri.

Great Harvest Bread* 

  • Preorder here by 6PM Fri.

Hillside Harvest

  • Preorder here by 6PM Fri.

Jaju Pierogi*

  • Preorder here by 7PM Thurs.

Kim Gregory / Pure Pastry*

  • Preorder here by 11AM Thurs.

Laszlo Family Farm 

Lilac Hedge Farm* 

  • Preorder here by midnight Thurs.

Luluna Kombucha

  • Preorder here by 1PM Fri.

Luz Apiaries

  • No preorder option

Mei Mei Restaurant* 

  • Preorder here by 11AM Fri.

Mill River Winery

  • Preorder here by 4PM Fri.

Mindful Eating 

  • Preorder here by 1PM Fri.

Mycoterra Farm**

  • Preorder here by midnight Thurs.

North Brook Farm

  • Preorder here by noon Fri.


  • Preorder here by 5PM Thurs. 

Nutty Bird Granola

  • Preorder here by 8PM Fri.

Red Fire Farm** 

  • Preorder here by noon Thurs.

Rhode Island Shellfish 

  • Preorder here by noon Fri.

Samira's Homemade 

  • Preorder here by midnight Thurs.

Soluna Garden Farm* 

  • Preorder here by noon Fri.

Tex Mex Eats* 

  • Preorder here by noon Fri.

The Roasted Granola*

  • Preorder here by 5PM Fri.

Valicenti Pasta Farm* 

  • Preorder here by 10AM Fri.

VESTA Mobile Wood-Fire Pizza 

  • No preorder option

We Grow Microgreens** 

  • Preorder here by 5PM Fri.

West River Creamery* 

Winter Moon Roots*

  • No preorder option, cash or check only

Wozz! Kitchen Creations

  • Preorder here by 3PM Thurs.