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One last market of the season! We have 60 vendors joining us this Saturday including caricature artist Mark Penta and Rancatore’s Ice Cream.

Read the March 11th email here.

We are now offering a SNAP match of up to $15. Our thanks to The Village Bank for funding this program!

For more details, visit the market info counter during the market.

Saturday March 11th

Mei Mei Dumplings
Mill River Winery
Mother's Kitchen
Mycoterra Farm
Narrangansett Creamery
Nussli 118
Nutty Bird Granola
Piping Plover
Rancatore's Ice Cream
Red Fire Farm
Samira's Homemade
Say Cheese
Soluna Garden Farm
Still Life Farm
Stoneybrook Cider
Sunfox Farm
Tex Mex Eats
The Bagel Table
The Farmer Foodie
The Hyve
Uncle Joey's Cannoli
Valicenti Pasta Farm
Venier Forge
We Grow Microgreens
West River Creamery
Winter Moon Roots
Yummy Mummy Bakery
Mark Penta

Many of our vendors accept SNAP and HIP. If you are a SNAP household you are already enrolled in HIP. To use your SNAP benefits you can purchase tokens at the market info counter before you begin shopping. You can use these tokens with any vendor who accepts SNAP. You do not need tokens for HIP vendors as they are able to process those transactions on their own. Find out if you're eligible for SNAP here.

(SNAP participants++, HIP participants**)

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